Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Obsession... Miles Fisher

This one makes my heart race a little bit, a true prep!
Good ole american boy

As Jeffrey Graves in Mad Men
Rockin' Out!

OMFG, I remember seeing Miles Fisher on a recent episode of Mad Men and thinking, "that guy is so freakin' hot, totally Tom Criuse before he went crazy!" His character Jeffrey Graves was one of those uber preppy princeton boys and he had the cockiness to match. So I kinda forgot about him for a bit but upon perusing mermaid in madras the other day came upon her posting of Miles Fisher music video for his talking heads cover of "This must be the place" Boom it hit me right in the face, it was my crush from mad men... and he can sing... and he obviously has model caliber looks, this boy is a triple threat. Ohh P.S. he went to Harvard too and gave the oration for his graduating class... So our boy is also "Wicked Smat" (as the cambridge elite would say) Move over Brad Pitt and George Clooney lets put this boy on a pedestal and worship him for the god that he is.
Here are a few snaps for you to enjoy, all taken from Miles website


  1. I met him on my blog over a year ago. I traded Miles an article on Harvard from "M" The Civilized Man, magazine for his music video list. The guy has great taste in off beat music. And he was great on Mad Men. I did ask if he was able to keep that madras sport jacket...a shame he wasn't.

  2. Tintin I am so glad you have made your way over here. I am a huge fan of your blog, you do great work over there. Miles is a big ball of talent, this kid can sing, model, act he is amazing. I love his music video for This must be the place. He has the haunting ability to look just like christian bale as well as tom cruise. I hope he makes it big (and that it wont spoil him). Absolutely loved him on Mad Men! My only regret is that they wasted him on the character of Jeffrey Graves, he should be one of the main characters of the show, he would do an outstanding job!