Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rain, Rain...

So its raining here in Boston today but this is actually one of those days that I like the rain. You wake up in the morning and the sky is clouded over and all you can hear is the steady rain against the windows. Then you get up and get dressed, I tend to just put on some jeans (we are going to talk about jeans soon...) one of my favorite oxford shirts (we'll be discussing these as well) and a warm cashmere sweater to top it off. Then actually comes my favorite part, the rain gear. I have this great North Face rain shell that I found on sale at Nordstrom about 4 years ago now. It was such a steal at $65. The real reason I love it though is the color. It is pretty much a true periwinkle blue which is a color I had not seen before and have not seen since. Its nice and lightweight so I wear it in the summer (since we had a particularly rainy summer this year, can you tell Im still bitter...) and I wear it in the fall and winter and if its cold just layer up underneath.

Here's my fav rain jacket

Then I know everyone is into the hunter rain boots but never one to follow the crowd I purchased the Peter Beaton boots in the hot pink a few weeks ago and I love them. Firstly they were only $36! which is pretty awesome and they are pink which I think goes pretty well with the jacket and I thought they would be really cute with skirts and dresses too.  My favorite part of the boots though is on the tag on the front of the boot underneath the peter beaton it says "Leave a trail worth following" which is basically the jist of my favorite emerson quote Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” (remember Emerson from our trip to Concord?) 

On the days where I dont think rain boots are necessary I have this great pair of Tamara Henriques waterproof loafers, which I love. My only complaint is that they dont go with a heck of a lot so I usually throw them on with jeans (ugh) and a navy sweater. I think navy always goes best with red.

When I ordered my boots I also went for the orange peter beaton umbrella to match. Which with the jacket and the boots makes quite a bright little outfit but...

My old favorite though is my burberry umbrella, sturdy and classic mine recently had a little problem with the wind though and snaped one of the arms so it is on the back burner for a while until I can get it fixed. Goes great with the red loafers though...
So sometimes rainy days arent so bad :)


  1. I love a rainy day! The loafers are darling, what a great idea!! You are all set for a New England winter!

  2. Seriously love the rain loafers--I need a pair now! xoxo

  3. I need rain loafers!! I'm also needing the Peter Beaton boots, everyone has Hunter and I love the quote!