Friday, April 23, 2010

A Daring Feat!

Recently strolling through TJ Maxx I found the most adorable dress. The line is Taylor and they have some really adorable Tory Burch style dresses at about 1/8th of the price. I already have a great dress by the same brand that I bought last summer that I wear all the time and love. So when I saw this one, it was the exact style I was looking for, for a wedding I am going to this summer. HOWEVER, the color is god awful. It looks like a bad couch fabric from the 1970's it really does nothing for me (I'm not into the jaundice look) So, I got to thinking what if I bought the dress then died it to the color I want. It is a jacquard fabric so I think it would take the dye nicely and worst case scenario it was $40... Has anyone ever done something like this? I told my roommates what I was thinking of doing and they said "Just wait till you wear it and it turns your whole body blue" Do you think that could really happen? I mean when we used to do tie dye shirts the dye never come off one us. I am planning on using the Rit Dye Navy Blue. Some websites have suggested bleaching the garment prior to dying but I am thinking, since I am trying to go darker it might be ok not to bleach. Also I hate how bleach makes fabrics feel. So has anyone ever done something like this? I've only ever done it on t-shirts, but I am thinking it might be worth a try, and wouldnt it be so cool if it worked? Fingers crossed it does! Any and all advice is much appreciated. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Broken Hearted!

The other day I noticed this adorable little girl wearing the cutest flats I have ever seen. I wondered if they were baby ferragamos but, they looked good, but not THAT good. So kinda put it on the back burner thinking I would never figure out what they were. THEN... flipping threw an old copy of In Style the other day I spied a COACH ad that had my lusted after little flats, right there in front of me.
So of course I hopped on the internet thinking I could easily snag them up, but no such luck. Coach no longer has them on their website and ebay only had one pair, not even anywhere near my size. Ohh well, I'll just have to keep dreaming...

Then as the buzz seems to gain momentum on the much anticipated "True Prep" we are finally given a little press in the form of a NYT article on the book. A lovely quote from wonderful Allie @ Summer Is a Verb.  Then Mr. Maxminimus was kind enough to share a little you tube clip about the book. However, I was a bit perturbed to see what the content might actually be including, to me it looks like it is kind of going against everything the original version stood for. Ohh well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see...