Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Now appearing on the nightstand...

I absolutely love reading, I always have, and I try to read as much as possible. Sometimes I am able to devour several books in a month other times I will go six months without any pleasure reading at all, its just how things work sometimes. However, I just finished one of the books I was dying to read this summer Elin Hilderbrand's "Castaways" this is my first Hilderbrand novel and it was awesome, the perspectives in which the story is narrated makes it a delightful read, full of mystery, intrigue, love, lust and everything in between. (Its also set on Nantucket, a personal fav!)

So keeping with that summer theme I am on to the next with Richard Russo's "That Old Cape Magic" its a little slow going but its only a mere 250 pages so I am sure it will pick up soon. After this one thought I think it might be time to take a break and spend my post workday time at the gym...
P.S. Have to love the Diet Coke on the nightstand, along with the preppy handbook. Shouldnt you start and end everyday with your favorite things!

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