Friday, October 23, 2009

Mimi di N Belt Buckles

Yesterday my boss received a package from her mom of all her old belt buckles and straps from when she was growing up. These were AWESOME! We have been looking for them for the store for a while and havent been able to find anyone that was still manufacturing them. So this package was a twofold. One she got here amazing belt buckles back and two we could check them out and see if any of the original manufacturers were still producing. Only a few of them had the manufacturers stamp on the back, the first we checked out was Gay Baynor which appears to no longer be in business but you can find some of their great vintage buckles on e-Bay and some other vintage websites. Then the other company was Mimi di N  and this is where we FINALLY hit the mother load! To make this discovery even better, they are super affordable- around $60 at most! So I have a call into the company and hopefully we can get some into the store...
P.S. Allie over at Summer is a Verb maybe these could be a TEMPORARY stand in for some of your much lusted after Christopher Ross Buckles. You could probably buy the whole Mimi di N collection for the cost of a Christopher Ross. (However, we all know thats not the point and that a lady wants what a lady wants!)

Love this one... I have a thing for Ducks they remind me of my dad and grandfather

Although we are not springer spaniel people (Labs all the way) I thought this one would be adorable with a pair of chocolate brown velvet pants and a warm orange sweater.

The poodle is just hilarious and I know a few people who would die for this.

Love the parrot with white jeans in the summer. (This has CKB's name written all over it)

Just thought the literal Sea Horse was funny. I think I would pass on this one though.

Seashells once again with white jeans would be super cute.

Again white jeans and a woven rope belt.

For the Fox Hunt

I also thought the Jockey Helmets were very clever

I think the bits are just a great classic that every woman should have. Would look so smart with just about any outfit.

Our stores logo is a bow and I loved the alligator treatment on this one.


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  2. Allie at Summer is a Verb luuuvs them...And what a fabulous price point to boot! What is your store? And, I would most definitely email a link to Camilla for the parrot. She collects belt buckles and the Tiger one should be right up her alley...XXOO

    ps...please email me a link to your store where the owner obviously comes from a long line of good taste!

  3. Fantastic! the ducks and dogs crack me up! Too fun!

  4. I used to by the Jeannie Bouchever buckles when I was in college. These buckles are fab.

  5. These belts are fantastic! I am also want to know what store you work can email me if you don't want to post it! xx

  6. I wonder if any of you have seen Carl Tasha’s buckles?

    I started selling some on eBay about a year ago and have just recently become aware of the wide interest in beautiful, fashionable buckles by designers such as Christopher Ross.

    Carl’s buckles are stunning, many are animals, and I think that many people would love them but are not aware of them. These buckles are Limited Editions but don’t cost a king’s ransom (some are under $100, most are under $200). Many of the editions are still open and being produced by the studio on Cape Cod (TWA take note!).