Saturday, October 24, 2009


Last night I was perusing online and came across the Gant website. Does anyone remember Gant? I have always loved their shirts and blazers but very, very rarely see the women's line anywhere, in fact I cannot remember the last time I saw it, and I certainly have not seen it at any of the trade shows in NYC. Anywho they have some AMAZING pieces for fall/winter. Check out the entire collection  Here (it takes a bit to load but its worth it)
Here are some highlights

Well HELLO there ;)

I die for this blazer and it looks like the underside of the collar (becuase of course it would be popped) has a contrast

I just came back to life then I died again...

This Rugby shirt needs to be added to my collection.
Oh and the blazer too please

As well I am bananas for Rachel Zoe... I want to be taylor for halloween


  1. Love the kelly green cords! xoxo


  2. I remember going to their website too awhile back and being so impressed with the beautiful visuals. I had one Gant polo shirt back in college. It was green. I wonder what happened to it. I remember it had no logo or anything on the front...totally plain.