Thursday, October 15, 2009


So I went to check out the latest post from my fav male blogger this morning and this is what came up- Maxminimus. I hope this is just a grave mistake, I absolutely love ADG's blog (and maybe I have a little crush on him too... I mean a man with such sartorial savvy as he is a man to love). Coming so soon after the disappearance  of Toad (which now appears to be invite only which is promising, also may I please please have an invite?) is just too much so hopefully our favorite gentlemen will be back in our lives soon.

XOXOs  to ADG & Toad


  1. I know I have lost a lot of bloggers that go private and I must have missed the memo. I even have followers that I'm not invited to read LOL



  2. Why do bloggers go anonymous?

    I can see that M might have looked back on several recent posts and decided that they were not consistent with a congenial relationship with his ex, but he could simply have deleted the posts. He didn't have to take the ball home with him.

    Maybe Alan Flusser kidnapped him with plans to turn ADG into a bronze ashtray close by Max Perkins old office...

  3. Sit tight. I'll be back. Maybe another week but I'll return. Thanks.

  4. I want invites too! From everyone!! Lol...

    Seriously though...I do...