Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gilly Hicks Interior Design

I was recently walking through the mall and had always noticed the store Gilly Hicks and knew of its ties to Abercrombie & Fitch but had never ventured inside. On this day I decided to go in and check it out. I will begin by saying that the actual items they sell there are not all that exciting but OMG the interior is by far one of the most amazing store interiors I have ever seen. (and believe me I've seen a lot) This store left me in utter amazement, I loved everything I saw the beautiful dark woods the simple but catching upholstery, the dim sensual lighting everything about this British Colonial Manor House style threw me into a tissy. The attention to detail left me in awe, I really felt as if I had walked into someone's home the leafy green and what I could only describe as burnt watermelon color palette as well as the intimate furniture arrangement are just spectacular. Immense kudos to interior designer Victoria Stuart Burke! My only criticism is that it is a shame that this masterful design is being wasted on unappreciative teeny boppers looking for skimpy thong underwear.
The pictures above do not do the store any justice if there is one in your area you must stop in and check it out for yourself.
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Saturday, September 12, 2009


I consider Nigel to be my first child. Nigel was my 1998 Land Rover Discovery that I drove during college. My friends and I had a thing for naming our cars and Nigel just seemed like a snobby, alcoholic old englishman who would not dare be caught roaming the countryside in anything other then this fine example of english craftsmanship, needless to say it stuck. We went EVERYWHERE in Nigel.

He came to be known as the rover of trust, whether we were out galavanting for the night or on our famous ODFD's driving around newport for hours on end it always seemed that we would spill our guts to one another during our drives. The rule was ANYTHING (and I mean anything) that was talked about in the rover of trust, stayed in the rover of trust. If this car could talk we would all be in some big sh*&!

Winters in Newport could get pretty rough and we used to get tons of snow days because you literally could not open the front door to get to class (isnt that why they made windows?... and land rovers) So we would pile into Nigel and head out to stock up on supplies right around midnight (the night was just getting started, I dont think we ever slumbered before 3am!) then drive around admiring the solace that the snowfall would bring to the island.

There were many a wild nights that we would pile in and head downtown for a night out then end up having to walk home and retrieve nigel in the morning. Even when our dorm burned down in college and it was certain we had lost everything the one thing I was concerned about was my nigel. I remember calling my dad the morning of the fire (it was 6am in california and crying to him that I was going to loose the land rover, of course he said who could care less at least we were ALIVE...) Being pretty much indestructable nigel survived but alas I did not have the keys to move him away from the destruction so.... I made the fire fighters go in an they had to hack the melted keys of the coffee table with an axe, but I got them and was so thankful.

The fire took quite a toll on him though and after a few months the time had come to sell him. Of course I couldn't just sell my beloved rover to just any joe schmoe off the street so instead I interviewed people. Yup they needed to prove to me that:
1) They had the same undying love for him as I did (knowing that this would be a substantial financial undertaking testing your patience and pocketbook)
2) They would not just sell him for the parts, but that they would indeed restore him.
3) They had to call him Nigel...

after a few very unworthy candidates one finally called and I put him through the ringer, he proved more then worthy and after meeting and talking for about 2 hours I knew he was the new owner, he bought my Nigel right there on the spot without ever even driving him.
There isn't nearly enough room here to post on all our nigel adventures but the memories will always be in our hearts, and hopefully someday I will either get him back or find the perfect substitute.

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Preppy Handbook

Growing up in california I didn't have too much exposure to the preppy world. It was just the style I was always drawn to and believe me I caught a lot of flack for it (why is your collar ALWAYS popped?) However, I ended up surrounding myself with people from the east coast that were more like me. My best friends mother was the first person to show me the preppy handbook and when she dug it out of the attic I devoured it for hours. Even though it is a tongue in cheek parody there is still lots of good stuff there, and it confirmed to me that yes, I am a preppy. From that day on I begged my parents to send me to boarding school (which was totally unheard of in our neck of the woods) but alas my dreams never came true and I had to wait until college to really spread my preppy little wings (you can bet your bottom dollar though, my little ones will be packing their bags at 14 and heading off to the hallowed halls of academia). However, I somehow seemed to make it 24 years of preppydom without owning my very own copy of the preppy handbook. Well for my birthday this summer I was so surprised to receive from my best friend, her mothers vintage copy, the one she had shown me when I was 14 and had lusted after ever since. Upon receipt it has somehow ended up living on my night stand which makes everyone who comes for a visit groan and say "omg you treat that thing like it is the bible or something" haha its not intentional, sometimes these things just happen. ANYWAYS... after thoroughly devouring its contents again this summer I came to the conclusion that we are in dire need of a sequel or updated version to this magnificent work. While I do agree that the charm of this publication comes from its authentic 80's context, the modern prep could certainly use a contemporary guide. Maybe we can badger Lisa into it? Here's hoping!

Well are you?

Well are you?

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I believe that some people are just born with their collar popped a penchant for sporting their initials, a love for jack rogers, and a pair of pearls around their neck. A true prep is just born that way because they have never thought of themselves any other way. Being a prep does not require the attendance of prep school, or a family member with a ticket on the mayflower (but they do help) it is simply the lifestyle you are most comfortable with. After having joyously read so many other "preppy blogs" I struggled with wanting to put my own preppy little thoughts out there in cyberspace (who is really going to give two hoots what I have to say?) but I decided why not give it a try what can it hurt. So after lots of thought on what the title my blog (Dont we all judge a book by its cover? I mean if you can't come up with a meaningful title why even bother) I was inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Summer is a verb (see what I mean, genius!) posts one day in which allie posted this great vintage poster by Tom Shadyac, and it just came to me that was it, I knew exactly what I wanted to call my blog and it all just came together in my mind. So I am so excited and I hope you will enjoy!