Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Heart Rugby

First of all I consider Ralph Lauren to be the god of preppy apparel. This gentleman just GETS IT. I have always worshipped at the Ralph Lauren alter I believe that everything the man creates is gold and I want to wear it. With all of that being said I find his Rugby store to be in the upper echelons of modern prep apparel. Firstly, this man is a branding GENIUS being in retail myself I can tell you this man knows what he is doing and he does it pretty darn well. That's because what he has done is make is brand a lifestyle. Traditional dressing is not a trend it does not go in and out of style. If trad is your thing it becomes a complete and whole lifestyle, you commit to it and it encompasses your entire life. From sporting to schooling, to where you live, where you summer, your interests, and the people you are interested in, it all just flows together. RL gets that and he has built his entire empire upon that foundation, and I love it!

I digress but my overall point here is that the RL stores, in particular Rugby are so amazingly merchandised that the interiors are something to be admired all in themselves. Each time I go into a Rugby store it makes me want to take up residence, they are a combination of your grandfather's study and your boyfriends dorm room and each is unique. As well the great thing that they have done is not place a rugby store in every stinking mall in america. They have concentrated them on the geographical areas in which their target customer resides; georgetown, boston, NYC, the hamptons...
I'll stop my rant here but the jist is if you haven't gone, Go!

This all came about because I got a chance to pop into Rugby the other morning before work and spied some awesome fall finds that need to find their way into my closet ASAP! I loved this paid shirt (it was a shirt in the store not a tunic... I think) I loved the suede elbow patches, this one is a must have.

I have tons of their Rugby shirts and LOVE them they are a great for relaxing afterwork in the cold winter evenings or for out running errands on the weekends.

Loved this kilt skirt with the big kilt pin, my scottish grandmother would be so proud to see her wee lass in this

This vest is so adorable in person and I love that it is wool instead of nylon like all the other lines are carrying. Perfect for over all of my oxford button downs.

I am mad for blazers, I was the type of kid who always wanted to wear a uniform to school (damn public school) so in middle school I wore a navy blazer with all of my skirts and chino pants as a sort of self imposed uniform ( hey I am who I am don't judge me)

So I am again on the search for a great navy blazer that I can just throw on with my everyday stuff. This old Rugby one would have been perfect. I am not too keen on their new style with the tie silk repp stripe collar but it could work.

Also came across this one from Ivy Sport obviously they don't make one for my alma mater but maybe I could persuade them...


  1. I'm dying over that plaid skirt!!! I must have it. xoxo


  2. BTW your blog is fab. Are you on twitter or Face book??? You can find me at Beth Willson Dunn on FB and Bethdunn2 on twitter. Keep it coming preppy!!!

  3. I am lucky enough to live by both a Ralph Lauren store (and a RL Home store is on the top floor - yay!) and a Rugby...5 minutes from my house!

    I too worship at the altar of RL....especially his home decor. The goal in decorating my house is to make it look as much like a RL Home store as possible. Whoever does his interior furnishings design is a genius and definitely on my wavelength.

  4. thank you ladies for your comments! Beth you and I both on the plaid skirt and thank you for your encouraging words I am not yet on twitter but I will def friend you on FB.
    TPG you are indeed a lucky lady! and RL home is out of this world I was recently on the website for his home collection and it is a preppy girls heaven I just cannot get enough!

  5. Love the plaid shirt concept.