Monday, October 12, 2009

Busy Weekend!

I feel like this weekend was non stop! I worked on saturday (as usual) but when I got out of work on saturday night I jetted over to Ikea because I have been dying to get a little table and chairs for our apartment so that we have somewhere to sit when we eat.

I had been eyeing the INGO table for a while it is such a steal at $70 and I can just paint it white and get some fun table cloths to spice it up.
I really wanted to find some gold ballroom chairs but didn't find any yet. So, I decided to get the Ingolf chairs to match as this is also my desk chair so if we ever need an extra they will all match. I still need to paint the table and find a cute tablecloth ( I am thinking orange?)

On sunday morning I headed over to the big TJ Maxx in Somerville that has a great Home Goods section in search of the perfect tablecloth (alas I found something that would work but I don't love it) But I did stumble on these ADORABLE navy seersucker throw pillows, I would love to get these when we finally get a couch and put a big Orange Monogram on them (If you havent noticed I am having a big orange moment right now, more to follow on that)

Stumbled on this beautiful matching set of ginger jars for only $20! I would love to have them but I have absolutely nowhere to put them so I passed

These would have been the prefect orange striped sheets that I have been searching for BUT they are flannel, YUCK! but we are on the right track!

Then pooped over to the christmas tree shop and found these adorable photo boxes after much thought I went with two of the bright colored madras like print as if goes with my desk better. I thought these were so cute they reminded me of the Boatman Geller Stationary.

Thats all for now but lots of other cute finds to post on later!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Oh I am ALL ABOUT the orange right now....just did a post on it earlier this summer(?) & orange is one of my new favorite color combos.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas Tree Shops. Go there everytime we visit Hubby's family in Massachusetts. Have found the best things (& CHEAP) there over the years. I found some photo storage boxes (that I use for all sorts of storage) at Hobby Lobby and they have a real vintage look to them....(can't explain it - just know it when I see it)...

    Love your header!

  2. TPG thanks for your comments! I am a big fan of your blog I discovered it over the summer and have been a frequent visitor ever since. I am having a huge orange obsession this fall, I just cannot get enough and I think it is safe to say navy goes well with everything in my life so they are natural partners. XMas tree shops have been very good to me over the years, I remember when I moved into my college dorm the first place I wanted to go to outfit it was the xmas tree shop and my father and I got into a huge fight because he could not understand why I wanted to go to a christmas tree shop to get things for my dorm room. All he kept saying was "I am not buying you a christmas tree!" Ohhh men they just never listen...