Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Well New England has decided to rear its ugly little head (a bit early in my opinion) it is officially quite chilly up here. I have been reluctantly slowly pulling out my fall clothes but I think the weather is now demanding my compliance. Upon pulling out my much needed coat options for todays outfit
(Nantuckety red J. Crew Cords, Ralph Lauren blue/ white striped oxford button down, Navy Molly B cashmere sweater with pearl button detail and Geox chocolate loafers) I found I didnt have a proper coat to top it all off. I have a bright orange with navy monogram quilted riding jacket, a simple black quilted riding jacket and bright green with turtle lining VV Nancy quilted jacket (do we see a theme here?) but obviously none of those really do with the above mentioned outfit, so I am in need of another to finish off the collection.

Initially I wanted (and still want) the navy Barbour quilted riding jacket but the one I ordered from our local retailer last JANUARY still does not seem to have arrived. In the mean time I think the L.L. Bean one in Navy could be quite a suitable substitute. I love the look of these coats (obviously) and they are easy to move around in, rather warm and most importantly very stylish.

So I guess this means I must bid adieu to my Jack Rogers for now.
When they look like this at the end of the season it means you've had a good summer!
(and that its time for a new pair next year!)

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