Monday, November 30, 2009

The Great Barbour Debate

So for a while now I have been lusting after a Barbour coat. Last year my boss was so kind and gave me a Liddesdale coat for christmas. However it did not fit properly so I wanted to simply exchange it for the proper size. Well that was easier said then done. I took it back to the store and they told me no problem they would order me the coat I wanted and give me a store credit for the return. Needless to say that was in january and I still dont have a Barbour coat. So I went back and, of course they still dont have what I want. So I am going to try having them order one for me again (I am ONLY going through them becuase I have a store credit there after this I am never shopping there again!) I am pondering whether I should get the Liddesdale which I personally think looks a little boxy on me or to apply the credit to a Bedale and pony up the difference? In truth I want both (I do live in New England, it is either raining or snowing here more then 75% of the time) So I know I will use them they are classics that will last forever.

Bedale, I like this lining best as well the other one they offer is too masculine

This is the Liddesdale I like in the beautiful olive

This one is also nice

Love the shooting vest

These are nice as well except I hate the lining of the last one

I would snag one of these as well

and I have learned you can never have too many brellies!

Also die for this leather briefcase! I wonder if my monstrous 17" laptop would fit in here?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Where is that rascally rabbit?

Now that ADG is back and full of gusto and Toad has taken his place back at the hall, so it seems that all is right in the world. HOWEVER, it was about this time last year that my FAVORITE blogger Bunny Tomerlin  went silent. Bunny's was the first blog I ever read and opened me up to this whole wonderful world. Until recently the blog was still up so that you could peruse all the good old stuff but alas now it is no more. Every once in a while she will friend me on facebook but then after a few days her profile disappears. I do hope Bunny is well and that maybe just maybe we can persuade her to come back... Add it to my christmas list!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I love the day after thanksgiving (especially considering that I was sick in bed all day yesterday unable to even get up for dinner, but feeling fine today) it is the on set of the holiday cheer and I am determined (after a very dismal holiday season last year) that this one will be filled with holly and jolly.
Of course thanksgiving and the holiday season bring to mind all of the things one is thankful and grateful for so this is my list.

-For the health and well being of my family and friends and that all are doing well despite the economy.

-Very grateful to have a job and the ability to support myself as almost all of my friends are unemployed and have been for sometime. I am especially grateful that I do not have to live with my parents (even though charleston would be awesome!) as most of my friends are consequently living with their parents.

- As I lay in my bed on thanksgiving, the house was completely silent (very rare case) and I was suddenly overcome by the enormous feeling of gratitude for all listed, above as well I began to think WOW I am so lucky to even have a bed to sleep in (as there was a short time in my life in which I did not, I will explain later...) My bed has always been the one spot in the world where I felt totally safe. I have had many beds in many places, but no matter what it has always given me great comfort to end each day and begin each morning in a warm cozy bed I can call my own.

My favorite place on earth

Then I remembered this one cold fall night not long after I had moved to Boston when I would take the train out to Wellesley everyday (a horrible task which turned a 1/2 hr drive into a 2 hr train trip). One night totally exhausted, cold, and just generally not feeling so well, I was sitting at the bus stop in the harvard square station anxiously waiting to FINALLY get home. I looked to my left and there was a woman sitting on the bench completely wrapped in bubble wrap. This image is still so vivid in my mind and I remember being so overcome by her that I almost burst into tears thinking, here I am feeling sorry for myself because I am cold and tired, but I have a job to support myself and a warm home and comfortable bed waiting for me. This woman does not even have a blanket or warm coat to protect her from the elements and probably no home of any sort at all. As I glanced back over at her I was struck by her demeanor, she was the most proud looking person I had ever seen. It just oozed out of her, she had perfect posture, she held her head high and shoulders back. No matter what misfortune had brought this woman to her current situation, and the fact that most people might be embarrassed to be sitting at a bus stop wrapped from head to toe in bubble wrap, her pride was unshaken. I was inspired by her, and whenever I think I might have it bad I always think of her. To this day I wished that I had walked over to her and given her my coat and all the money I had on me, but I didn't and I regret it.

So let us all be thankful for the very simple luxuries we are blessed with.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Thanksgiving Table

I love the buzz that surrounds the holidays, it is palpable through the air. Everyone is running around preparing for the big day and even though it can be super stressful I love every minute of it. My favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving, it is the best meal of the year. Mummy went to the Culinary Institute of America so Thanksgiving at our house has always been legendary. The entire family would arrive (I at 5 yrs old required that ladies be in dresses and gentleman, regardless of age a sport coat. Then thoroughly flipped out when my cousins showed up in sweatpants!) Nevertheless, Mummy always prepared am amazing meal and produced a beautiful spread. With the immediate family spread out to three corners of the country, bogged down with work and unwilling to bear the holiday travel scene we have not been together for the holidays in years. Totally fine with me as it just affords an extra day off work and no stress. I do however miss making dinner and preparing the table. So if I was hosting this year this is what I would do.

we know how much I love orange so I would start off with this beautiful William Sonoma tablecloth.

This beautiful flower arrangement I saw at Winston's the other day.

The beautiful Ralph Lauren Pheasant plates (which they don't actually sell on the website?)

These great vintage fabric napkins I found somewhere online (sorry cant remember the site)
Topped with the monogrammed family silverware

I would use the Ralph Lauren Glen Plaid Bowls for serving the dry goods like rolls and such

Then these beautiful silver serving dishes from pottery barn for everything else like mashed potatoes and such.

Of course we need to make sure the wine is properly chilled as well.

One of my favorite thanksgiving dishes is my mothers stuffing so if you are looking for a last minute recipe give this one a try!
Then sit back turn on a little frank and enjoy the evening with your family.

1pkg Jimmy Dean sage sausage
 1/2 onion chopped 
3 ribs celery,diced 
1-2 cups warm water or chicken stock 

 Sautee sausage breaking it up with a spoon. Drain off fat set sausage 
Sautee onion and celery in 1T. Oil
Put the stuffing mix in a bowl and add the onion,celery and stock or 
hot water. Mix well let cool before stuffing the bird.

Mack the Knife- Frank Sinatra
That's life- Frank Sinatra
The Best Is Yet To Come- Frank Sinatra
Call Me Irresponsible- Frank Sinatra
Somewhere Beyond the Sea- Frank Sinatra
The Best is Yet to Come- Frank Sinatra
Young at Heart- Frank Sinatra
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Monday, November 23, 2009

I would dumpster dive for Ralph!

No joke I think you all know how much I love monsieur Lauren (given it would have to be a clean tartan lined dumpster located in a suitable part of town, haha) So not to far from Boston there is a great outlet area, they have Ralph Lauren (duh) J.Crew, Brooks Brothers, Kate Spade, Banana Republic, Saks 5th Ave, Barney's the list goes on and on but this place is pretty awesome. I usually try to have ample amounts of cash on hand before these trips otherwise its just cruel to do that to oneself. However, this past weekend even though I had nowhere near the sufficient funds in hand to make the pilgrimage, I just had a feeling I needed to go!
Well I was right! There were scores of goodies to be had at these places! First stop was of course the house that preppy built. I was greeted by the display you see above. Bamboo polo mallets in ginger jars? I was weak in the knees! Now not only was I dying at all the preppy swag to be had but now I'm in the market for bamboo polo mallets and oversized ginger jars, DAMN YOU RALPH, i'm just gonna have my paychecks directly deposited into his account from now on (like he would even notice)
So after regaining my composure I made my sweeps around and found tons of great stuff. As is obvious with the Ralph look, I am always searching for cable knit sweaters, rugby shirts and OBDs. They had tons and at super great prices as well as some other fun little additions that make the outlets in my opinion more fun then the retail stores (and this stuff is at insanely good prices)

Great cowl neck oatmeal colored sweater that I had to leave behind paired with a buffalo check button down with adorable ruffle detailing and a red wide whale cord skirt (both the shirt and skirt were not so cute on moi)

Two cute turtlenecks the black one has wonderful gold hardware but again not crazy for these.

Loved this OBD with contrasting collar, on clearance so there was no way I could say no, I live in these things.

They had a plethora of richly colored cable sweaters in the most wonderful mossy greens, heather lilac, burnt orange, oatmeal and navy but I'll save those for when bank TWA gets their stimulus check... They also had more OBDs with contrast colors, I already have two of the light blue oxford stripe so I passed on this one. HOWEVER see that little navy shooting sweater with the suede patches, that I am MAD for! I just had to take it home with me. It reminds me of the old ones I used to have that daddy had made for me with the shoulder patch on the left side since I am a lefty.

They also had it in the mossy green but only ONE left in XS... AHHHHH I must have it!

They also have an awesome home section but I'm currently not in need of any home goods but I did spot my fav Ralph sheets I have been eying for years. The moment I have a little boy I am putting these on his bed (too bad if he doesn't like it!)

Then I made a quick stop into banana and found some great black riding boots that I have been on the hunt for, not sure about these though they are a little too wide in the calf (sorry terrible picture, who is this weirdo...)

Kate Spade had oodles of cute things, especially these collegiate silk striped makeup cases.

J.Crew is always hit or miss. I missed but I did find a few cute things to try on. Loved the purple skirt and it is on clearance so I will probably go back for it. The orange cords as well as the blazer were too big and the button down not a must have.

I randomly decided to pop into Liz Claiborne, sometimes these stores have fun little things you might not usually pick up, priced at a steal. I found these very comfortable little tartan pumps for only $24. I didn't get them though cause' I wanted to see what everyones take is on these? Too tarty? or super cute (especially at this price) I think it is the black patent leather detail on the bottom that this throwing me off. I thought they would be really fun though with my Elizabeth McKay Scotland dress with the black plaid embroidery? Thoughts???

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Waspy Weekend- Colonial Cup

I know its a little late for a waspy weekend but I got a little busy and didn't get a chance to get this post up. This saturday was the annual Colonial Cup in Camden, SC. I have been dying to go to but this fall race as well as the spring race, The Carolina Cup ever since mummy and daddy moved to Charleston (I'm still mad at them for not moving there while we were younger so I could have gone to Porter Gaud and had a proper southern upbringing...) Anyway, this year was the first year they have run the race on a saturday in efforts to draw a larger crowd and believe me I would have been in attendance if I could.

I would have hat this hat made with the pheasant feathers and the hat in a nice hunter green color. This is another instance where I could have worn my Orange Tartan Molly B dress I showed you before.

I would have prepared a wonderful tailgate out of this wonderful 1998 Range Rover (its matches the color of the "hat"... its the little details people) with all of my favorite treats from the cheese shop.
Well maybe next year!
P.S. I'd have to have Southern Nights- Glen Campbell playing, of course!

Prepped for School!

I am totally in love with this new line of preppy backpacks and laptop totes! 

The backpacks are just too cute for little girls or anyone with a light school workload.

I am mad for the laptop totes though. I was not much of a backpack girl in school and I love these as opposed to the vera bradley or vineyard vines totes as these are designed with a protective laptop sleeve inside so that your laptop is secure in the bag and separated from the rest of your stuff. The current totes are designed for laptops up to 15". I CANNOT wait for the 17" style to come out because I am tired of lugging this big (and heavy) laptop back and forth to work each day. Here are some of the other great fabric choices.

My fav... Love the navy & orange!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Deal of a lifetime

Hello everyone, sorry I seem to have caught whatever is going around so I have not been feeling so hot this week. Nonetheless, I wanted to share with you the deal of a lifetime that I scored this summer. Since everyone is heading off to the Lilly sale tomorrow (I will not be in attendance, that pesky work thing combined with low funds which I suppose I should reserve to buy food?) Anywho I think I might have scored something even better this summer. A friend of mine turned me onto a local discount store (not a TJ Max or Marshalls) but something that is only in MA. She told me that they had a mother load of Molly B that was at insane prices, I basically rushed over there a quick as I could and stumbled upon something like a preppy girls heaven on earth.
 I walked in the door in a fury and made a b-line for the Molly B section... this was off the hook! Dresses, Skirts, Pants, Tops, Shirts, Belts it was amazing. The most hilarious thing to me was the fact that nobody around me had any idea what a big deal this was. I loaded my cart up so high I couldn't see in front of it, I was over the moon because the Molly B samples are made in a size 6... which happens to be the size moi wears. After about 2 hours I widdled my purchases down to these.

Four Dresses

Five Skirts

 Four Pairs of Pants and a Seersucker Button Down
(please excuse the plastic hangers, mummy dearest would not be cool with this)

and a partridge in a pear tree... umm no but if they had that, I probably would have bought it too. So you probably thinking this all rang in around $1000 or so, maybe $500? considering the dresses usually retail for $220 each. Well I walked away with all of this for a mere $230! 

I love everything! I got this all right before my trip to the vineyard for my birthday and it was so awesome because I basically took everything you see above and a few accessories and I was all set.

Then a few weeks ago I was still basking in my fabulous finds when I got word that they had received even more, Molly B items at this store and they had CASHMERE... My favorite sweater is a Molly B cashmere sweater with pearl button detail, and I had just taken stock of the sweater situation in my closet and decided we needed to make some new acquisitions.

This is what resulted, I had to hold myself back from buying every color as these were ONLY $40, are these people smoking crack? How do they sell this stuff at these amazing prices? I dont have time to ask questions I just buy... I rationalized that the pink stripe is just too cute to pass up and works well for both summer and winter, the tan is a classic staple and the navy? I mean really? There was no question... I bought two.

I have yet to wear the orange dress and for $20 I really dont care if I ever wear it at all, but I thought it would be so adorable for Thanksgiving.
I would like to wear a cardigan with it and I was thinking something navy? There isnt any navy in the dress but I love navy with orange and I think if I can find some cute little navy shoes it would be so adorable for the holiday. Any thoughts? Do we not like the navy idea? There is a hunter green in the plaid so I could do a cardigan in that color and find some matching shoes or a metallic shoe could work as well.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sorry for the infrequent postings this week, it was quite busy at the store (two trunk shows back to back) so I have just been dog tired this week.
After I finished reading "That Old Cape Magic" (which I found to be quite disappointing) last month I decided that I was going to take a little hiatus from reading for a while. I was pretty happy that I had consumed all of the books on my summer reading list and was feeling bogged down by the library due dates so I decided to take a break so that I might FINALLY learn to needlepoint. Well the needlepointing has yet to begin so a few weeks back I was home one night with nothing good to watch on TV and looking for a little something to help me relax. The liquor cabinet was bare (criminal in my opinion) so I found myself perusing the bookshelves. I came upon this book that I picked up at a little second hand store on the vineyard this past summer, "Jackie by Josie" it was only $1 and after reading the backside I was intrigued and figured for $1 I could never read it and I  would have lost nothing. So I decided to pick it up and see if it was worthwhile at all. I have to say I have been quite impressed so far, as well as pleasantly surprised that it has very little to do with Jacqueline Onassis at all. The store is of a young mother/ grad student Josie who has stalled in the completion of her dissertation and takes up the offer to become a research assistant to a famous author who is writing a Jackie O biography, it is a great tale of the trials and tribulations of Josie's past and present life along with some sprinklings of Jackie's story. I am rather enjoying it and I will keep you posted on how it finishes out.
P.S This post all came about because Saturday morning here in Boston was quite rainy and bleak and after the long week I wanted nothing more then to stay at home and spend the day in bed finishing this book.

IF I had had the day off I might also like to take this little bad boy out for a ride, ( I miss Nigel most during this time of year) I always loved him better in the rain! This would be the playlist for the ride.
The Kinks- A Well Respected Man
The Rolling Stones- Gimme Shelter
The Grateful Dead- Casey Jones
The Doors- Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)
The Kinks-Sunny Afternoon
The Grateful Dead- Uncle John's Band
The Rolling Stones- As Tears Go By
(these bands were just some of my favorites this week)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

One word... L-O-V-E

In the short time that we have known one another I think I have made it pretty clear that I have a serious love for quilted riding jackets. Along with that I also have a serious talent for snagging them at AMAZING prices. The one above I happened to find last year as I was walking through the mall and noticed that sears of all places was carrying Lands End. I was intrigued so I went in to look around and found this awesome jacket. I love orange with navy (can you tell?) and so I thought this would go so well with a navy cashmere sweater, and the best part I believe it was like $60 or so. My one complaint is I am not so keen on the zipper closure but for that price I can live with it. I decided to get it monogrammed to give it a little pizzaz, in navy of course.

I also have this little black number which I bought a few years ago (it is actually my first QRJ and still my favorite) at Old Navy of all places, and that one was $20 what a steal. I generally do not wear black clothing (its just not me) but this is very smart with skirts and riding boots. I love this one the best because it has a corduroy collar and cord detail on the pockets and cuffs.

Then this past summer I was perusing the local Marshalls and they had this amazing Vineyard Vines one, original price $300+ Marshalls price $39.99 I think it was like 90 degrees out that day (a rare nice summer day this year) and I put it right on and was walking through my store that show BFF -Gigi (not so preppy, but she respects that I am who I am)  and she sees me coming down the aisle toward her and her face drops and she goes "OMG seriously" now for the pink and green crowd this is an AMAZING find at a steal of a price, for the rest of america I look like the preppy a-hole walking around wearing a bright green jacket with the collar popped on a 90 degree day. (I say let them eat cake!)
So none the less I made it mine and I love it, wear it rarely but love it.

So back to the Land End Dory Coat. They have them on sale for like $39 now so I cannot pass that up. The winters are long and cold here in New England so why not weather them in style.

This is the new belted style which I think is super cute just not sure if it would be cute on moi.

Then they also have this pine green and then this color they call light navy (I know it is put the backside,weird) Love the pine and would probably get the light navy as long as it is not royal.

THEN, I went over to friend JM's house the other night to go out for cocktail hour, and look at what she has acquired? I pretty much died over it, it was sitting in her kitchen inside out (the interior is an equestrian print silk) and I gasped and she goes "haha I knew you would find that" I put it on (a little small for me or guess who would be "accidently" "borrowing " it... PERMANENTLY) So lets all just have a guess as to who makes this little bit of heaven. Jcrew? no way out of their league. J. Mclaughlin? wrong again but good guess. Nope my ralphie makes  it (of course you all knew that) I must have it, she said she got it at the outlets for $150! yeah even if I have to starve this bad boy will be mine.