Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shoe Obsession

It is a beautiful fall day here in New England. We have recovered from the recent snow flurries... and are back on track. I have resolved myself to put away my go to Jack Rogers and am now on the hunt for some new kicks for fall/ Winter. I have found tons of great options, but being a beastly size 10 and having the flattest feet my podiatrist  has ever seen does not make the process easy but here are a few of my ideas.

Daddy would LOVE if I had these!

Love the Stubbs and Wooton custom monograms, a good replacement for my monogrammed Jack Rogers. Some people like to play video games I like to design my own monogrammed loafers on the Stubbs Website (dont judge me)

The Ballet flat is not very flattering to the flat feet but I love the navy and white pattern

A little Springy but I think with my hot pink cords and a camel colored cashmere sweater these would be adorable.

Ditto on these as well

these are just to die for

and of course I'll be waiting 4 months for my custom needlepoint monogrammed loafers to come in, but I have to decide which I like first...
Hope everyone has a wonderful fall day!

Well are you?


  1. Love all of them! I have Amy Jo Gladstone needlepoint slides that I love and are so comfy! I like the green ones--you are so right about the pink cords and camel sweater. Perfect prep look! xoxo


  2. You are going to have some very cute and preppy feet!!

  3. Seriously addicted to wall paper right now. To the point I can see my entire house papered--but I promise not to do that! xoxo