Friday, October 30, 2009

Costume Ideas

So I have been a little slow in getting my halloween costume together. My friend that I was planning to go out with pulled her back at work earlier this week so I am still waiting to hear if she can even make it out for the festivities. A few weeks ago my BFF- KWD was visiting from california and on our way to dinner one night she made me go into that store American Apparel (you might ask how are we friends, lets just say its proof opposites attract) and it was so hilarious because I went in there and was like OMG this place would be so awesome to get a halloween costume. KWD was like "umm yeah this is where I actually buy my clothes that I wear everyday" it was pretty funny, but seriously this place is a 80's costume jackpot. So since I'm not following the "trend" I though why not do it for halloween. So I could scrounge it up pretty quick but here are some other ideas on my mind.

But what I would really like to be is Betty Draper. I could easily pull off the riding outfit I would just need a blond wig, which I'm not to fond of as they always look so fake. We'll see though looks like this one is going to come down to wire...


  1. I've been searching for your UVA poster!! I can't find it anywhere, if you have one where did you get it and when?

  2. Hi Katie,

    I first saw the poster on the summer is a verb blog then only found one or two pics of it online. I recently found one person that has an actual poster and have asked if he is interested in selling but I think it is highly unlikely. I am also in search of the female version Are You A Prepette? If I find one I'll let you know :)