Sunday, November 22, 2009

Waspy Weekend- Colonial Cup

I know its a little late for a waspy weekend but I got a little busy and didn't get a chance to get this post up. This saturday was the annual Colonial Cup in Camden, SC. I have been dying to go to but this fall race as well as the spring race, The Carolina Cup ever since mummy and daddy moved to Charleston (I'm still mad at them for not moving there while we were younger so I could have gone to Porter Gaud and had a proper southern upbringing...) Anyway, this year was the first year they have run the race on a saturday in efforts to draw a larger crowd and believe me I would have been in attendance if I could.

I would have hat this hat made with the pheasant feathers and the hat in a nice hunter green color. This is another instance where I could have worn my Orange Tartan Molly B dress I showed you before.

I would have prepared a wonderful tailgate out of this wonderful 1998 Range Rover (its matches the color of the "hat"... its the little details people) with all of my favorite treats from the cheese shop.
Well maybe next year!
P.S. I'd have to have Southern Nights- Glen Campbell playing, of course!


  1. I've never been to Colonial Cup but I LOVE Carolina Cup, this year we will hopefully make it there and Foxfield.

  2. Great blog! We are huge steeple chase fans around here. We go tailgating at all of the local events. Keep up the good work.

  3. OMG that sounds fab. It is the little details. I agree! xoxo


  4. BS- I've been dying to go to foxfield for years! Maybe this year I can make it happen.
    Brian- Thanks so much for your kind words. Love your blog as well!
    Beth- The devil is always in the details!

  5. Love the blog (esp the Rover pictures)!