Monday, November 23, 2009

I would dumpster dive for Ralph!

No joke I think you all know how much I love monsieur Lauren (given it would have to be a clean tartan lined dumpster located in a suitable part of town, haha) So not to far from Boston there is a great outlet area, they have Ralph Lauren (duh) J.Crew, Brooks Brothers, Kate Spade, Banana Republic, Saks 5th Ave, Barney's the list goes on and on but this place is pretty awesome. I usually try to have ample amounts of cash on hand before these trips otherwise its just cruel to do that to oneself. However, this past weekend even though I had nowhere near the sufficient funds in hand to make the pilgrimage, I just had a feeling I needed to go!
Well I was right! There were scores of goodies to be had at these places! First stop was of course the house that preppy built. I was greeted by the display you see above. Bamboo polo mallets in ginger jars? I was weak in the knees! Now not only was I dying at all the preppy swag to be had but now I'm in the market for bamboo polo mallets and oversized ginger jars, DAMN YOU RALPH, i'm just gonna have my paychecks directly deposited into his account from now on (like he would even notice)
So after regaining my composure I made my sweeps around and found tons of great stuff. As is obvious with the Ralph look, I am always searching for cable knit sweaters, rugby shirts and OBDs. They had tons and at super great prices as well as some other fun little additions that make the outlets in my opinion more fun then the retail stores (and this stuff is at insanely good prices)

Great cowl neck oatmeal colored sweater that I had to leave behind paired with a buffalo check button down with adorable ruffle detailing and a red wide whale cord skirt (both the shirt and skirt were not so cute on moi)

Two cute turtlenecks the black one has wonderful gold hardware but again not crazy for these.

Loved this OBD with contrasting collar, on clearance so there was no way I could say no, I live in these things.

They had a plethora of richly colored cable sweaters in the most wonderful mossy greens, heather lilac, burnt orange, oatmeal and navy but I'll save those for when bank TWA gets their stimulus check... They also had more OBDs with contrast colors, I already have two of the light blue oxford stripe so I passed on this one. HOWEVER see that little navy shooting sweater with the suede patches, that I am MAD for! I just had to take it home with me. It reminds me of the old ones I used to have that daddy had made for me with the shoulder patch on the left side since I am a lefty.

They also had it in the mossy green but only ONE left in XS... AHHHHH I must have it!

They also have an awesome home section but I'm currently not in need of any home goods but I did spot my fav Ralph sheets I have been eying for years. The moment I have a little boy I am putting these on his bed (too bad if he doesn't like it!)

Then I made a quick stop into banana and found some great black riding boots that I have been on the hunt for, not sure about these though they are a little too wide in the calf (sorry terrible picture, who is this weirdo...)

Kate Spade had oodles of cute things, especially these collegiate silk striped makeup cases.

J.Crew is always hit or miss. I missed but I did find a few cute things to try on. Loved the purple skirt and it is on clearance so I will probably go back for it. The orange cords as well as the blazer were too big and the button down not a must have.

I randomly decided to pop into Liz Claiborne, sometimes these stores have fun little things you might not usually pick up, priced at a steal. I found these very comfortable little tartan pumps for only $24. I didn't get them though cause' I wanted to see what everyones take is on these? Too tarty? or super cute (especially at this price) I think it is the black patent leather detail on the bottom that this throwing me off. I thought they would be really fun though with my Elizabeth McKay Scotland dress with the black plaid embroidery? Thoughts???


  1. I am craving a run to the outlets!! Look at all of those goodies! the cowl neck and buffalo check, I love love!!

  2. I LOVE everything you found, esp the oatmeal sweater. My sis has the same sheets and still uses them, nevermind she is 24 and has a boyfriend ;)



  3. What a find! So jealous of the shoes! We have an outlet mall here (about 10 minutes from me) that has all of those exact stores (except for Barney's, alas).

  4. Ha I went to the outlets yesterday and Monday and it sounds like we had the exact same trip there haha. That ruffled buffalo check shirt looked weird on me too, and I am SOOOO jealous that you got the sweater with the elbow patches....I LOVED it and it looked adorable but I couldn't spend the money on it right now haha. Love the shoes...I think they would be fantastic with the dress. PS expect a visit from me in a couple hours haha (I sound like such a creep!)

  5. What a great makes me want to going shopping for winter gear asap! Have a wonderful holiday! xx