Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Day & Preppy Political Pundit-Tucker Carlson

Happy election day everyone! Please go out and vote, local and state elections are some of the most important as they affect us right in our backyards. So exercise that right that so many have fought for!

On the lighter side my favorite preppy political pundit is the every so adorable Tucker Carlson, I mean his name alone is swoon worthy.

Tucker went to St. George's in NPT then on to Trinity. He first came on the scene when he was on CNN's Crossfire, where everyone started noticing him for his love of the bow tie (ohh a boy in a bow tie, be still my beating heart!) then moved over to MSNBC where they gave him his own show Tucker, it is also rumored that MSNBC forced him to bid adieu to the bow tie in favor of the regular necktie (Criminal!) Anywhoooo, I love Tucky for his old school frat boy preppy style. He is a very blue blazer, khaki chino, oxford university stripe button down and whimsical bow tie kinda dude. Why cant more boys realize this look makes the girls swoon (at least this girl) and dont even get me started on the hair! (too cute). Tucker seems to have gone out of the public eye as of late, there was some talk back in may about him starting a blog but I cant find anything on it. So kudos to you Tucker for you classic prep style and spotin' the Bow Tie


  1. Yep, I've always thought Tucker was a cutie!

  2. Love Tucker! However Tucker was not so uh, hot on Dancing With The Stars a few seasons ago...poor dear!

    Miss his bow tie.

  3. Swoon worthy! I love it. I voted. xoxo


  4. You should go read The Trad then:). There are great blogs on traditional men's fashion...

  5. http://dailycaller.com/

    That is his website