Thursday, November 12, 2009

One word... L-O-V-E

In the short time that we have known one another I think I have made it pretty clear that I have a serious love for quilted riding jackets. Along with that I also have a serious talent for snagging them at AMAZING prices. The one above I happened to find last year as I was walking through the mall and noticed that sears of all places was carrying Lands End. I was intrigued so I went in to look around and found this awesome jacket. I love orange with navy (can you tell?) and so I thought this would go so well with a navy cashmere sweater, and the best part I believe it was like $60 or so. My one complaint is I am not so keen on the zipper closure but for that price I can live with it. I decided to get it monogrammed to give it a little pizzaz, in navy of course.

I also have this little black number which I bought a few years ago (it is actually my first QRJ and still my favorite) at Old Navy of all places, and that one was $20 what a steal. I generally do not wear black clothing (its just not me) but this is very smart with skirts and riding boots. I love this one the best because it has a corduroy collar and cord detail on the pockets and cuffs.

Then this past summer I was perusing the local Marshalls and they had this amazing Vineyard Vines one, original price $300+ Marshalls price $39.99 I think it was like 90 degrees out that day (a rare nice summer day this year) and I put it right on and was walking through my store that show BFF -Gigi (not so preppy, but she respects that I am who I am)  and she sees me coming down the aisle toward her and her face drops and she goes "OMG seriously" now for the pink and green crowd this is an AMAZING find at a steal of a price, for the rest of america I look like the preppy a-hole walking around wearing a bright green jacket with the collar popped on a 90 degree day. (I say let them eat cake!)
So none the less I made it mine and I love it, wear it rarely but love it.

So back to the Land End Dory Coat. They have them on sale for like $39 now so I cannot pass that up. The winters are long and cold here in New England so why not weather them in style.

This is the new belted style which I think is super cute just not sure if it would be cute on moi.

Then they also have this pine green and then this color they call light navy (I know it is put the backside,weird) Love the pine and would probably get the light navy as long as it is not royal.

THEN, I went over to friend JM's house the other night to go out for cocktail hour, and look at what she has acquired? I pretty much died over it, it was sitting in her kitchen inside out (the interior is an equestrian print silk) and I gasped and she goes "haha I knew you would find that" I put it on (a little small for me or guess who would be "accidently" "borrowing " it... PERMANENTLY) So lets all just have a guess as to who makes this little bit of heaven. Jcrew? no way out of their league. J. Mclaughlin? wrong again but good guess. Nope my ralphie makes  it (of course you all knew that) I must have it, she said she got it at the outlets for $150! yeah even if I have to starve this bad boy will be mine.


  1. A beauty! I do love the belted lands End one though, that price, very nice!

  2. Ah! I have been keeping my eye out for an affordable one to monogram. I just love them!

  3. LOLOL! Ralphie -- of course!

    LOVE riding jackets...I have a pink one and an olive one.

    You know what I want? An olive/green quilted riding VEST. LL Bean made it for YEARS and just as I was deciding I wanted one...they quit making them. They still make something like it, but not in that old standby color.

    You got some great bargains and love how you got them at unexpected places for great prices...and that monogram looks great. Who knew?