Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Deal of a lifetime

Hello everyone, sorry I seem to have caught whatever is going around so I have not been feeling so hot this week. Nonetheless, I wanted to share with you the deal of a lifetime that I scored this summer. Since everyone is heading off to the Lilly sale tomorrow (I will not be in attendance, that pesky work thing combined with low funds which I suppose I should reserve to buy food?) Anywho I think I might have scored something even better this summer. A friend of mine turned me onto a local discount store (not a TJ Max or Marshalls) but something that is only in MA. She told me that they had a mother load of Molly B that was at insane prices, I basically rushed over there a quick as I could and stumbled upon something like a preppy girls heaven on earth.
 I walked in the door in a fury and made a b-line for the Molly B section... this was off the hook! Dresses, Skirts, Pants, Tops, Shirts, Belts it was amazing. The most hilarious thing to me was the fact that nobody around me had any idea what a big deal this was. I loaded my cart up so high I couldn't see in front of it, I was over the moon because the Molly B samples are made in a size 6... which happens to be the size moi wears. After about 2 hours I widdled my purchases down to these.

Four Dresses

Five Skirts

 Four Pairs of Pants and a Seersucker Button Down
(please excuse the plastic hangers, mummy dearest would not be cool with this)

and a partridge in a pear tree... umm no but if they had that, I probably would have bought it too. So you probably thinking this all rang in around $1000 or so, maybe $500? considering the dresses usually retail for $220 each. Well I walked away with all of this for a mere $230! 

I love everything! I got this all right before my trip to the vineyard for my birthday and it was so awesome because I basically took everything you see above and a few accessories and I was all set.

Then a few weeks ago I was still basking in my fabulous finds when I got word that they had received even more, Molly B items at this store and they had CASHMERE... My favorite sweater is a Molly B cashmere sweater with pearl button detail, and I had just taken stock of the sweater situation in my closet and decided we needed to make some new acquisitions.

This is what resulted, I had to hold myself back from buying every color as these were ONLY $40, are these people smoking crack? How do they sell this stuff at these amazing prices? I dont have time to ask questions I just buy... I rationalized that the pink stripe is just too cute to pass up and works well for both summer and winter, the tan is a classic staple and the navy? I mean really? There was no question... I bought two.

I have yet to wear the orange dress and for $20 I really dont care if I ever wear it at all, but I thought it would be so adorable for Thanksgiving.
I would like to wear a cardigan with it and I was thinking something navy? There isnt any navy in the dress but I love navy with orange and I think if I can find some cute little navy shoes it would be so adorable for the holiday. Any thoughts? Do we not like the navy idea? There is a hunter green in the plaid so I could do a cardigan in that color and find some matching shoes or a metallic shoe could work as well.


  1. I hate you.

    Just kidding, TWA, but I REALLY do envy you. Great preppie swag...and I love the idea of navy and orange. It's my favourite colour combination, as well.


    Kindest regards,

  2. OMG, what a find! Sooo jealous! A navy cardigan would be cute. What about a chocolate brown cardigan? Good combo of fall colors, but not sure.

  3. You are the luckiest! What great finds! Iam jealous of those beautiful sweaters! they are necessary daily in these parts!!

  4. What great finds! Particularly green over the sweaters...XXOO

  5. Still SO jealous at the amazing finds you scored this summer and can't BELIEVE that they had cashmere there too!

  6. Can you share the location for those of us that live in MA please??????