Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sorry for the infrequent postings this week, it was quite busy at the store (two trunk shows back to back) so I have just been dog tired this week.
After I finished reading "That Old Cape Magic" (which I found to be quite disappointing) last month I decided that I was going to take a little hiatus from reading for a while. I was pretty happy that I had consumed all of the books on my summer reading list and was feeling bogged down by the library due dates so I decided to take a break so that I might FINALLY learn to needlepoint. Well the needlepointing has yet to begin so a few weeks back I was home one night with nothing good to watch on TV and looking for a little something to help me relax. The liquor cabinet was bare (criminal in my opinion) so I found myself perusing the bookshelves. I came upon this book that I picked up at a little second hand store on the vineyard this past summer, "Jackie by Josie" it was only $1 and after reading the backside I was intrigued and figured for $1 I could never read it and I  would have lost nothing. So I decided to pick it up and see if it was worthwhile at all. I have to say I have been quite impressed so far, as well as pleasantly surprised that it has very little to do with Jacqueline Onassis at all. The store is of a young mother/ grad student Josie who has stalled in the completion of her dissertation and takes up the offer to become a research assistant to a famous author who is writing a Jackie O biography, it is a great tale of the trials and tribulations of Josie's past and present life along with some sprinklings of Jackie's story. I am rather enjoying it and I will keep you posted on how it finishes out.
P.S This post all came about because Saturday morning here in Boston was quite rainy and bleak and after the long week I wanted nothing more then to stay at home and spend the day in bed finishing this book.

IF I had had the day off I might also like to take this little bad boy out for a ride, ( I miss Nigel most during this time of year) I always loved him better in the rain! This would be the playlist for the ride.
The Kinks- A Well Respected Man
The Rolling Stones- Gimme Shelter
The Grateful Dead- Casey Jones
The Doors- Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)
The Kinks-Sunny Afternoon
The Grateful Dead- Uncle John's Band
The Rolling Stones- As Tears Go By
(these bands were just some of my favorites this week)


  1. Keep us posted if you think it is a good read. I'm always looking for new books to read! oxox


  2. I love my disco too - I don't drive it as much as I once did (company car that gets better milage) - his name is Austin.