Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Thanksgiving Table

I love the buzz that surrounds the holidays, it is palpable through the air. Everyone is running around preparing for the big day and even though it can be super stressful I love every minute of it. My favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving, it is the best meal of the year. Mummy went to the Culinary Institute of America so Thanksgiving at our house has always been legendary. The entire family would arrive (I at 5 yrs old required that ladies be in dresses and gentleman, regardless of age a sport coat. Then thoroughly flipped out when my cousins showed up in sweatpants!) Nevertheless, Mummy always prepared am amazing meal and produced a beautiful spread. With the immediate family spread out to three corners of the country, bogged down with work and unwilling to bear the holiday travel scene we have not been together for the holidays in years. Totally fine with me as it just affords an extra day off work and no stress. I do however miss making dinner and preparing the table. So if I was hosting this year this is what I would do.

we know how much I love orange so I would start off with this beautiful William Sonoma tablecloth.

This beautiful flower arrangement I saw at Winston's the other day.

The beautiful Ralph Lauren Pheasant plates (which they don't actually sell on the website?)

These great vintage fabric napkins I found somewhere online (sorry cant remember the site)
Topped with the monogrammed family silverware

I would use the Ralph Lauren Glen Plaid Bowls for serving the dry goods like rolls and such

Then these beautiful silver serving dishes from pottery barn for everything else like mashed potatoes and such.

Of course we need to make sure the wine is properly chilled as well.

One of my favorite thanksgiving dishes is my mothers stuffing so if you are looking for a last minute recipe give this one a try!
Then sit back turn on a little frank and enjoy the evening with your family.

1pkg Jimmy Dean sage sausage
 1/2 onion chopped 
3 ribs celery,diced 
1-2 cups warm water or chicken stock 

 Sautee sausage breaking it up with a spoon. Drain off fat set sausage 
Sautee onion and celery in 1T. Oil
Put the stuffing mix in a bowl and add the onion,celery and stock or 
hot water. Mix well let cool before stuffing the bird.

Mack the Knife- Frank Sinatra
That's life- Frank Sinatra
The Best Is Yet To Come- Frank Sinatra
Call Me Irresponsible- Frank Sinatra
Somewhere Beyond the Sea- Frank Sinatra
The Best is Yet to Come- Frank Sinatra
Young at Heart- Frank Sinatra
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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