Saturday, November 28, 2009


I love the day after thanksgiving (especially considering that I was sick in bed all day yesterday unable to even get up for dinner, but feeling fine today) it is the on set of the holiday cheer and I am determined (after a very dismal holiday season last year) that this one will be filled with holly and jolly.
Of course thanksgiving and the holiday season bring to mind all of the things one is thankful and grateful for so this is my list.

-For the health and well being of my family and friends and that all are doing well despite the economy.

-Very grateful to have a job and the ability to support myself as almost all of my friends are unemployed and have been for sometime. I am especially grateful that I do not have to live with my parents (even though charleston would be awesome!) as most of my friends are consequently living with their parents.

- As I lay in my bed on thanksgiving, the house was completely silent (very rare case) and I was suddenly overcome by the enormous feeling of gratitude for all listed, above as well I began to think WOW I am so lucky to even have a bed to sleep in (as there was a short time in my life in which I did not, I will explain later...) My bed has always been the one spot in the world where I felt totally safe. I have had many beds in many places, but no matter what it has always given me great comfort to end each day and begin each morning in a warm cozy bed I can call my own.

My favorite place on earth

Then I remembered this one cold fall night not long after I had moved to Boston when I would take the train out to Wellesley everyday (a horrible task which turned a 1/2 hr drive into a 2 hr train trip). One night totally exhausted, cold, and just generally not feeling so well, I was sitting at the bus stop in the harvard square station anxiously waiting to FINALLY get home. I looked to my left and there was a woman sitting on the bench completely wrapped in bubble wrap. This image is still so vivid in my mind and I remember being so overcome by her that I almost burst into tears thinking, here I am feeling sorry for myself because I am cold and tired, but I have a job to support myself and a warm home and comfortable bed waiting for me. This woman does not even have a blanket or warm coat to protect her from the elements and probably no home of any sort at all. As I glanced back over at her I was struck by her demeanor, she was the most proud looking person I had ever seen. It just oozed out of her, she had perfect posture, she held her head high and shoulders back. No matter what misfortune had brought this woman to her current situation, and the fact that most people might be embarrassed to be sitting at a bus stop wrapped from head to toe in bubble wrap, her pride was unshaken. I was inspired by her, and whenever I think I might have it bad I always think of her. To this day I wished that I had walked over to her and given her my coat and all the money I had on me, but I didn't and I regret it.

So let us all be thankful for the very simple luxuries we are blessed with.


  1. Sorry to hear you were sick. Your list puts things into perspective I think we should all slow down and just be greatful for what we have. Hope you have a great Holiday Season.

  2. great post and moving story. thank you for sharing!