Monday, November 2, 2009

Wasik's Cheese Shop Wellesley Ma

Some people like chocolate some people ice cream, for me its cheese. Its weird yes but I love cheese and The Cheese Shop in Wellesley owned by the Wasik family is by far the best. Firstly, I have never in my life met nicer people! Just the other day someone said to me "The boys in there are so nice, their mother has done  such a good job with then" They are always smiling and super friendly and not only that but they will pretty much let you sample anything in the store. Their knowledge of pairings is so superb whether you are looking for something to go with a wine or a brandy or an appetizer or spreads for the weekend tailgate, they have go you covered. My personal favorites are the Mexican Dip, a special blend of soft cheeses and spices this dip is heavenly, I like to put it with their special Wasik's brand crackers (in the green box) it is one of my favorite snacks. ( I take everyone that comes to visit from out of town here and they leave begging me to keep a supply of the mexican dip flowing their way)My other favorite is their house brie, once you have this stuff there is no going back, that crap they try to pass off for brie in the grocery store does not even come close to this. I like to pair it with their fresh Poilane bread that they have flown in fresh from paris, just try to eat some crappy "french" baguette from the grocery store after that... I am making myself hungary here but my last recommendation is the canadian cheddar, if you like sharp cheddars this stuff will knock your socks off. I just eat small slices at a time and dont even mess with putting it on anything.

As I mentioned not only are their products FABULOUS but the Wasik family are a wonderful bunch of people. The parents Steve and Carol as well as their two sons Brian and Brad are in the store daily and just the nicest people you would ever want to meet. Whenever I go in there it reminds me of what this world is in short supply of good, wholesome, honest people who love what they do. So if you ever happen to be in Wellesley you must stop in there but beware you will become totally addicted! (but don't worry they ship...)


  1. They ship...I will have to check it out! I am a true sucker for all things dairy!