Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bye Bye Burgee

I hope everyone had a very merry christmas. Mine was busy as always, the retail season between thanksgiving and xmas is a long road, between special orders and monogramming needs I have surely added a few more grey hairs. But all turned out well and everyone is happy. A Merry Christmas to everyone!

I have been craving a dog for the past few years, but living in an apartment and being single doesn't really create the ideal situation for a dog but nonetheless I have been wanting one. Growing up we were never a day in our house without a black lab in residence and at one point we even had two. I miss the love and sweet kindness of their eyes and their abounding love.

My boss has been having the itch for a puppy for sometime and we recently ran into a woman who had the most beautiful golden retriever and asked her about her breeder. She got her little love ball from this great breeder and maine and also knew of someone who was getting a puppy from the same breeders xmas litter. So we looked at some of the pics of the pups online and they were just gorgeous, some of the most handsome goldens we had ever seen. So one night we decided to make the trek up to Maine to check out these little lovies in person.

While of course they were all incredibly adorable we liked this one the best. He was a little redder then the rest and had the sweetest disposition. We decided though that it was a big commitment and we needed to make sure it would work out for my boss and her family. We also decided that we would name him Burgee, isnt that just the cutest! A few days later we called the breeder to say that we would take him and to give her the deposit and she said she had someone coming to look at him in 5 mins and that they we almost certainly going to buy him. We were crushed little burgee was not going to be ours. Well after a day of morning we decided it just must not have been meant to be. I love this picture of him though and yearn for another puppy to come along.

This was the other one I fell in love with but he was already sold. Ahh I love their little baby faces!


  1. I just wish they stayed that ADORABLE!!

  2. I LOVE goldens! They are such sweet, lovable dogs! Happy New Year! xoxo

  3. Precious...cheers for wet noises! Have a great weekend! xx