Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bananas for Birkin

One of my absolute favorite books ever is Michael Tonello's, Bringing Home the Birkin. Such a wonderful story of Michael's european adventures as an accidental Birkin broker. This book made me want to quit my job and take off on a european adventure in pursuit of this gorgeous bag tout de suite.

If you have not read this, it is a perfect fun little beach read as well as a great tutorial on the particulars of the much coveted Birkin.
I am at my wits end with struggling with toting my laptop back and forth to work everyday. I have the monster 17" mac book and even though it is a great computer it is very heavy and there are not any good laptop bags out there for 17" computers. Last year I got the Henry Brown Mimi bag in the light blue color becuase it was the only thing I liked that could fit the computer and was a little different.          
It has worked ok but I am still not happy and looking for a replacement. I think I am looking for something in leather or a neutral color nylon.
When I think of leather bags my favorite style has always been the birkin. Of course I know I will not be getting a Birkin anytime soon (that pesky little waiting list... for the waiting list) but a girl can dream.

I am really only interested in the calf skin bags, the exotics are a little too much for me, but god knows if offered an exotic I would snap it up.

The classic hermes orange would be my pick and at the 45cm size I think my laptop would just fit.

If I ever run away from home this would be the get away bag.

I mean if its good enough for Pharrell...
(P.S. I think the whole man purse thing he has goin on here is WEIRD!)

Back in the real world the large Le pliage would be the way to go. I enjoy the khaki color but am a little concerned with staining it.

The chocolate would solve that problem but its kinda a little blah to me

The billberry is a very interesting and fun color so that is up for consideration as well.
any thoughts or suggestions? I also liked the leather barbour bag I posted yesterday but I dont think it is big enough.
This problem is really starting to drive me nuts so I gotta get this figured out soon!


  1. Great for the gals but I could never carry a man bag. I am thinking Christmas presents


  2. I would be scared to put my precious laptop in a paper thin Le Pliage! Good luck on your search!! :)

  3. H&H- Same here my friend!
    Duck- Agree a man bag is just so... unmanly. Do you mean you want to get them as xmas presents, cause I would like to be on that list (j/k.. sorta) or that pharrell is giving them as gifts, cause they are actually really for him. Rappers, I'll never understand em'
    B_S- Thats my fear! Looks like the search will continue.

    P.S. Can I just add that BHB author Michael Tonello became a follower of my blog and I am SUPER honored!

  4. OMG, I have the same Henry Brown bag in gold with brown trim!