Monday, July 12, 2010

Preppy Perv on a groping spree...

This just happened to pop up on my computer somehow when I was searching on google and I just could not resist sharing with you. 
Check out the whole story here
Ok so now that you have read it let me just go back and ask this, what makes this guy preppy? Did you happen to catch his outfit coming out of the grocery store? Preppy? I should say not, just look at those kicks... However in the story it says that they arrested him wearing khakis and a polo shirt, so I think that is where they are getting the "preppy" monicker from. He looks decent in his suit at court but I think every financier in boston has the same suit and tie. 


What he did is obviously gross and I find it really sad that he has served our country and has now tarnished his reputation with this behavior, but preppy? I think not... 

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  1. Sounds like something the writer thought would be catchy. Preppy is the trend for fall. I'm thinking this won't be the last time the press uses preppy as catchy headline. :)