Monday, March 1, 2010

Olymipc Gold- Sartorial Edition

The olympics have finally completed and while I must say I didnt watch much of it, I did follow a few of the stories. I also happened to catch the men's hockey gold medal game yesterday, just as they went into overtime. Now, if the men's canadian hockey team didnt beat the americans on home ice, I dont think they would have been allowed back home, so well done boys.

Now onto more important matters. I must say, I know the world is all a tizzy in how "cool" the USA snowboard teams "anti" uniform was. I personally am horrified. I know that snowboarders are alternative and not the suit donning crowd, but really JEANS for the olympics. We all know my feelings on jeans and while I am sure the competitors loved them, I'm gonna say I was not a fan. What I will give Burton big props on though is the fact that they were able to make the gore-tex jeans, look exactly like real jeans. How about gore-tex GTH pants? I am envisioning little red white and blue USA with the olympic rings on navy pants? Now thats an olympic uniform I can get behind.

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Now while Mr. Colbert is not an olympic competitor (or even an assistant sports psychologist) This funny man was stylin' in his Ralph Lauren olympic duds. I especially love the shawl collar cardigan that he wears in his nightly review. I love that Ralph designs for the olympics and I must say, we americans are lookin ' pretty damn good!

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  1. I saw him on one telecaste and he did the sweater underneath a sportcoat very nicely - wish I could get my husband to look that preppy!