Friday, March 19, 2010

In a Tizzy for Tipsy

So with all the buzz of the new TOPH- True Prep, and the apparent arrival of spring, I am itching to spend the afternoon in an adirondack chair sipping a Bloody Mary and soaking in a view like this.

Of course that is not realistic for me since I will be working all weekend, but a girl can dream, but back to the original topic. So I have been thinking about all of my fav preppy reads lately and realized that my collection is missing one of the cornerstones of prep guides, Tipsy in Madras. As well I was thinking that since my parents own a liquor business it might be a cute gift for them. So I dashed over to amazon to pick up a copy. Wowser, I knew the book was out of print however, I don't ever remember it listed as $60+ especially since the original list price was $14.95, now adjusting for inflation and such, still thats kinda pricey. Man, I should have pounced earlier, I would rather spend that money on actual BOOZE. But I'll have to get my hands on a copy cause I am dying to read it.


  1. Yeah, I picked up my copy at a bookstore in a outlet mall for $8 or something. I guess it's one of those books that didn't realize its true popularity until it went out of print, that's what it's so expensive.

  2. Too cute! need to find a copy. xoxo

  3. Trip- First the $17 bluchers, now this... you are killin' me !

    Beth- I'm putting it on my wish list, if I dont get it for my b-day then I'll splurge... Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I had my first copy "misplaced" by someone years ago. I picked up my replacement copy last year from amazon. When it came in the mail my wife called me at work to let me know. While on the phone she then realized it cost $54.17 including shipping.

    Oh well, I just had to replace the first copy. Maybe she won't be so made at the "pre-order" on True Prep and Take Ivy. Those two combined did not even come close in cost.

    You just have to bite the bullet and get yours soon.


  5. Are you kidding me? 60 bucks? Thank goodness I got mine when it was in print! XXOO