Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Queens Cashmere

It is no secret that I am a big fan of cashmere sweaters. My standard winter uniform is a button down shirt (collar always popped) paired with a cashmere sweater. Wool is just too itchy and blends just never seem to look right. By far my favorite (and most expensive, OUCH) sweater is my queen of cashmere monogrammed sweater.

OBVIOUSLY I am a huge fan of Navy and Orange and while I love the sweater I have to say that the "starfish" (I mean its called starfish how could I resist) color is not the most flattering on me. I would recommend doing a darker colored sweater and doing one of the more fun bright colors as the monogram. I do have 5 Navy blue cashmere sweaters of different styles so I didnt want to do navy for this most special of sweaters. But hey you live and learn and I love it so who cares. I have picked out my next one though... Navy with Gold monogram!
Anywho I have been struggling lately with my cashmere maintenance. I never ever dry clean and have used several different detergents. The other thing that plagues me are those darn pills. Ahhh the pilling drives me crazy! Up until recently I was using this little guy to depill

While quite effective it was alot of work and I was exhausted after one sweater, and all that pulling cant be good for the cashmere. So for xmas by best friend KWD and her mummy gave me this little puppy!
Brookstone Sweater Shaver  and I love it, it gets the job done quite well and with 1/2 the effort. I made quick work of depilling my entire collection.
Now when it comes to washing I find The Laundress products to be the best. They also have this really cute little video to show you how best to wash your sweaters, Cashmere Care.
They also have their Sweater Stone

Which looks really interesting but I have my little sweater shaver now so Ill stick with that.
On an even better note my friend EAS over at one of my favorite blogs
Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore is hosting the most fabulous Giveaway  I have seen here in bloggerland.
She and the queen have teamed up to giveaway one of the queens custom cashmere throw pillows, and you even get to choose the colors!
Go check it out and enter to win!


  1. Yay for of luck to your followers! I love your sweater...the queen told me you had ordered one! xx

  2. Mmm, cashmere! Nothing is softer or more snuggly! I want to treat myself to a monogrammed sweater! Aren't you the luckiest!

  3. i adore "schmere" and love your blog... pam

  4. It WAS one of the best giveaways! And, I didn't win, darn it...XXOO

  5. Didn't even realize you could monogram the sweater!