Monday, January 18, 2010

Now for a public service announcement...

Even though politics is one of my great passions I try not to discuss my politics in this blog. However as I am sure you are all aware the commonwealth will be holding its special election for the open senate seat tomorrow. This election is not only very important to the residents of massachusetts but to the entire nation as the current healthcare legislation comes up for vote. I am personally supporting Scott Brown in this election and am very honored to have the chance to vote for him. He has been making great waves here in his position in the state senate and I am confident that he will do so in washington. He is a member of the national guard for nearly 30 years and is not entangled with the lobbyists and special interests of washington. Massachusetts I implore you please vote for Scott Brown tomorrow.
We will return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.


  1. My father, who lives here in Kentucky, sent a donation to Scott Brown the other day because he's been so impressed with him. So, just know that there's a contingent in Kentucky routing for Brown. Here's hoping he takes Senate!

  2. JWM Please thank you father so much for his generous donation. It really means alot to me personally, to know that a resident of another state understands how important scott's win is not only for the commonwealth but for the entire nation. Fingers crossed we take the win today!

  3. Congrats on the win! A banner day for the GOP in Massachusetts!