Saturday, September 12, 2009

Well are you?

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I believe that some people are just born with their collar popped a penchant for sporting their initials, a love for jack rogers, and a pair of pearls around their neck. A true prep is just born that way because they have never thought of themselves any other way. Being a prep does not require the attendance of prep school, or a family member with a ticket on the mayflower (but they do help) it is simply the lifestyle you are most comfortable with. After having joyously read so many other "preppy blogs" I struggled with wanting to put my own preppy little thoughts out there in cyberspace (who is really going to give two hoots what I have to say?) but I decided why not give it a try what can it hurt. So after lots of thought on what the title my blog (Dont we all judge a book by its cover? I mean if you can't come up with a meaningful title why even bother) I was inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Summer is a verb (see what I mean, genius!) posts one day in which allie posted this great vintage poster by Tom Shadyac, and it just came to me that was it, I knew exactly what I wanted to call my blog and it all just came together in my mind. So I am so excited and I hope you will enjoy!

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  1. Well, you got me. I want to read more. Post soon, Twa.