Friday, April 23, 2010

A Daring Feat!

Recently strolling through TJ Maxx I found the most adorable dress. The line is Taylor and they have some really adorable Tory Burch style dresses at about 1/8th of the price. I already have a great dress by the same brand that I bought last summer that I wear all the time and love. So when I saw this one, it was the exact style I was looking for, for a wedding I am going to this summer. HOWEVER, the color is god awful. It looks like a bad couch fabric from the 1970's it really does nothing for me (I'm not into the jaundice look) So, I got to thinking what if I bought the dress then died it to the color I want. It is a jacquard fabric so I think it would take the dye nicely and worst case scenario it was $40... Has anyone ever done something like this? I told my roommates what I was thinking of doing and they said "Just wait till you wear it and it turns your whole body blue" Do you think that could really happen? I mean when we used to do tie dye shirts the dye never come off one us. I am planning on using the Rit Dye Navy Blue. Some websites have suggested bleaching the garment prior to dying but I am thinking, since I am trying to go darker it might be ok not to bleach. Also I hate how bleach makes fabrics feel. So has anyone ever done something like this? I've only ever done it on t-shirts, but I am thinking it might be worth a try, and wouldnt it be so cool if it worked? Fingers crossed it does! Any and all advice is much appreciated. 


  1. Wow what a are such MAXanista! When I worked at NM all of the cosmetic girls would dye their black clothes back when they seemed to work. Good luck! xx

  2. What if you wore it with a sweater and stone necklace in a contrasting color that you like?

  3. Hi, I just googled hand dyeing and there seem to be some drawbacks associated with using Rit dyes (fading, bleeding, color not that vibrant). They recommend a different type of dye. Definitely check out a website on dyeing. Your dress looks like it has quite a bit of construction to it, and that might make it trickier to dye. There are professionals, but they may be too pricey. I would love to know how it turns out if you do it. I used to make all my own clothes, and I have dyed clothing in the past, but only shirts and skirts. Michelle

  4. You're a brave fashionista!

    I've never done this but I think the main concern with dying is that it will dye your washing machine. Maybe try this at the laundromat.

    Be sure to post an after pic! :)