Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Austin Jeffers

One of my absolute favorite parts of my job is that I get to custom design all of the Eliza B flip flops, headbands, belts & keychains that we carry in the store. There are probably 1,000 ribbon and hundreds of fabric choices. I have a huge binder that I love flipping through, coming up with new combinations for each season. Sometimes I cheat a little bit and use the Eliza B website for inspiration or to see if there are any new fabric or ribbon choices. So last week as I was browsing through I noticed that they had a new line (Eliza B is part of the original Leather Man company) called Austin Jeffers which is a line of mens (could work for women as well) leather belts. They have some great styles here.... 

The very popular hoof pick belt

The winchester belt ( I must get this for Dad!) 

They also have a selection of needlepoint belts (retailing at $150) 
nothing overly creative but cool. 


  1. So super jealous of your job! I love ribbon, and that just sounds like so much fun!